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Saturday, April 12, 2008

GI specialist

Micah's tummy troubles have continued so he was seen by a gastroenterologist (sp?) on Thursday. He believes Micah has a dairy and soy allergy so we're now going to the "liquid gold" formula and no breast milk. So after over 3 months of pumping, this is the straw that broke the camel's back. There's "a chance" we could add breast milk back into the equation in a few weeks, but only if I go strict non-dairy and non-soy. According to the doctor, it takes about 2-3 weeks for it to get out of my system (and Micah's). I don't know whether to donate the month's supply of breast milk in our deep freezer or save it and hope that Micah's tummy can handle it later on.

I've heard we might be able to get this super expensive formula covered by insurance. I'll check on Monday. Anyone out there with experience in that process? Please feel free to comment and advise.


Cate said...

I think you might need a prescription to get the formula covered. (I'm not sure, but I think I remember a friend doing that.) Can't hurt to ask the doc.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennie,

I just happened upon your blog and I love reading about your boys!

Sorry I don't know about the prescription formula, but I thought I'd pass this along:

Go to Caregiversmarketplace.com to register and you can get $1 back for each pack of diapers you buy (Huggies). This may help you a little bit, at least!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jennie,
Wondering if you might want to keep Celiac Sprue Disease in mind. It is a gluten allergy and people with DS are 16% more likely to get it than the general population. Julia has been going through testing for this...she had a positive blood test and tomorrow is going to Madison for a bx to confirm the diagnosis. It can affect the intestines and I think it is normally detected when children are older and have introduced solid foods into the diet but if there is gluten in the formula or transfered via breast milk (unsure about that) this could be something to look into. I wish I had more info on Celiac for you but we're just learning about this ourselves.
Say a prayer for Julia tomorrow... We've got Micah on our list as well as your entire family in prayer...
Danielle M and family

Kelly said...

If its Neocate, Owen was on it. You get a dr's prescription and then a health care company will deliver it monthly to your house. It is covered by insurance, thank GOD. This formula was the only thing he could eat, and its around $100 or so for 4 cans. Good luck!