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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

As bummed as we are about some of our current life circumstances, we have much for which we can be thankful. So I thought I'd do a top 10:
10. The 10-1 Packers!
9. Fantastic friends who support us through thick and thin.
8. Excellent (though expensive) healthcare.
7. Living in the United States of America.
6. Good health for most of our family.
5. The expectation of a great son joining our family in January.
4. The best 2-year-old boy in the world.
3. The confidence that my husband would never (seriously) consider leaving me.
2. The best husband in the world.
1. Through God's mercy and grace, we have the gift of eternal life through Christ, reminding us that the troubles of this life are temporary and we can rest in the fact that we will spend eternity in heaven, the home for which we were created.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.


Jonathan said...

Miss you! We count you among the special friends we are thankful for!

Jonathan's family

Anonymous said...

Hey Jennie,

Sorry to hear about your latest news. I just caught up with all your updates. As most of the people who have kids with DS have posted, it will be much less traumatic once the baby is here. It is just one step at a time. I know many kids with AV canal repairs that are doing just great. As far as people treating you differently, we have had TONS of people who are attracted to Jacob because of his smile and personality. I've only had one person say "Im sorry" when I said my son had DS and I asked her what for. I know it is difficult now, and I will continue to pray for healing (it may come through great doctors), but when your little boy gets here many of your concerns will go out the window because he will be here and in your arms. I'm so glad you said something to the doctor who was giving you negative feedback about what it's like to have a kid with DS. He has probably not had any experience with these kids outside the hospital. As much as possible, try to find doctors who actually know someone with DS, they are so much better. You will learn from other parents who these people are. You, Mark,Nathan and baby Dickens are in our prayers. I hope that God will give you a peace that surpasses all understanding. We love you a ton and miss you. Love,
Joy, Timothy and Jacob

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennie,

Just wanted you to know that our daughter with Down syndrome had a duodenal atresia. She had surgery at 3 days old. She had to spend 29 days in the NICU to recover. But she was able to breastfeed and eat normally and now her stomach works perfectly. Best of luck to you. It only gets better. You can contact me at grouchcouch@verizon.net if you have any questions.

ATLKrafts said...

Amen, sister