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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tonsils and adenoids this morning

Little man LOVES the iPad.

Please pardon my lack of updates lately.  Micah has not slept well in weeks.  Okay, he's NEVER slept well, but this has been an exceptionally bad month.  First, a virus that caused an ear infection.  The day after the end of a 10-day course of augmentin, he got goopy eyes again, so he went on another 10 days of augmentin.  On day 8 of that, we were at the pediatrician for a Nathan issue.  She recommended we take Micah to ENT because she thought that sinus infection had probably migrated to his adenoids, and that infection wouldn't be fixed with an antibiotic.

So, five days later, we had an ENT appt.  He took one look at Micah's tonsils and told us it was time to take them out.  He didn't even scope his adenoids.  It has been almost two years that we have been trying to convince ENT that he needed his tonsils removed (they've been 80% obstructing for 2 years, but now they meet in the middle).

We are hoping for two major improvements after he recovers from this surgery: 1) Better sleep and 2) Better ability to eat.

I videotaped Micah laughing tonight.  I'm convinced that his adorable little hoarse giggle will change without the monster tonsils being in there.  When I have a bit of time, maybe I'll be able to edit that video and put it on YouTube.  I'll keep you posted.  Please be praying for our little man.


Jonathan said...

Praying for sweet Micah!

Ruthann said...

Will be keeping him in our prayers. Love that last picture of him!! So sweet!

Andy and Katie said...

Praying, Jennie....what precious pictures of Micah!

Patti said...

Lily loves the iPad too- such cute pics! I will be praying for your little guy:)