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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Micah's T/A surgery

Micah had his tonsils and adenoids removed on Tuesday.  Here's a video of him before surgery:
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He thought "purple pants" sounded funny, so he kept saying it over and over while we were in pre-op.  Nurses were stopping by his room just to hear his laughter.  This kid has quite the following, even when people don't know him!

His surgery went well.  His ENT doc came out to talk with us afterwards: "His tonsils were quite inflamed.  He's probably been dealing with chronic sore throats for a while now."  How encouraging.  His tonsils have been 80% obstructing for almost 2 years now and it's taken way too long for ENT to agree that they needed to come out.
I stayed with Micah in the hospital for monitoring overnight.  That was not fun.  We were in "short stay," so it wasn't on a floor and the rooms do not have comfortable sleeping arrangements.  We checked out at about 10:00am.  He had a decent day yesterday and slept like a champ last night (with much credit going to the codeine, I think).  He's doing great, though.  He's eating basically what he was eating before (stage 1 and 2 baby foods... not quite as much, but still doing well), except we're avoiding yogurt and smoothies for a few days.  We're praying that having those ENORMOUS tonsils out will give him a better ability to swallow and give him more confidence to try new foods and drink consistently.


The Fruitful Family said...

He even made me smile half way across the country!! Thanks, Micah! Love you, little man!

Ann @TheAssetEdge said...

I listened to the video twice. I laughed out loud. Such a joyful little man!

Anonymous said...

Micah has an infectious laugh.
I pray his surgery went well. God bless (as if He has not already?)
Gabriel Purdy's grampsH (gabrielupdates)

Ruthann said...

Love that laugh ;) Praying he's recovers quickly.