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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Shutterfly Christmas cards

Hi, folks.  I know I owe you an update.  But as behind as I am with everything else in my life, I'd like to get my Christmas cards ordered.  And I have a deal from Shutterfly if I blog about their cards (which I have ordered for the past few years and I have really enjoyed my experiences with them).

So, without further ado... my analysis of Shutterfly's 2011 Christmas cards.

There are WAYYY too many choices this year.  I've decided to go with a card that has one large photo and three small photos on the front.  Even with that as the criteria, I have only narrowed it down to 14 choices of flat (not folded) 5x7's (though I'm still not convinced that I'm going flat... folded is still an option).  A less expensive option would be to go with the photo cards, rather than the stationery cards (though there's no printing on the back).

I haven't actually created a card yet.  One of the things I haven't like about Shutterfly cards in the past is that the space for text on the back side is too small and inflexible.  But... the back side this year is VERY customizable.  You can choose whether you want to include lots of extra photos or add a lot of text.  I really like the choices.  Keep in mind, you don't have to do ANYTHING on the back, but it doesn't cost extra.  So if you've pondered a Christmas letter this year, but you don't feel like writing an entire 8.5x11 page of updates, this is a great option to include some highlights.

(I was given some free cards from Shutterfly for writing about their cards, but the opinions expressed here are my own, without influence)

I'd like to add that there's no way I can top last year's card, so I'm not even going to try.

Stay tuned for a giveaway of three Shutterfly codes, each worth 25 free Shutterfly cards. :-)

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