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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thankful A to Z: D=Digital photography

I cannot imagine having to keep track of prints and negatives during this crazy busy season of life. Digital photography rules! I can look back on my laptop to find photos of previous moves, such as when Mark found a job in Orlando and "followed" me there in 2001.
And I can also find out by looking on my laptop that I took no photos of our move from Orlando to Nashville in 2002 when we returned from our honeymoon, two weeks before Mark started grad school.

I can find a photo of Jody following the asked-far-too-late question, "Hey, did you already shake this can of primer?" while she was helping us move into our house in Atlanta in 2004.
Then there's the big rig in front of our Atlanta home in early 2007 to move us up to Wisconsin.
And the photo taken from the front porch this morning... an empty truck before the loading began this afternoon.

For those of you counting... since Mark and I started dating, we've moved from Nashville to Orlando to Nashville to Atlanta to Wisconsin to Minnesota. Yes, that's five moves since we started dating in 2001. Serenity now!


Kris said...

You've got the moving thing down! Professionals, for sure :). I hope your closing goes well and that you love your new home!

Emilie said...

We've moved four times since 2004. I really hope we don't catch up with you. I'd like to stay put for awhile. I'm sure you know the feeling. :-)