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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Thankful A to Z: C=Children's Hospital

Micah was supposed to have been born at Froedtert Hospital (the birthing center is attached to Children's Hospital in Milwaukee). We didn't make it there for the delivery. But so much of Micah's first year was spent at that hospital under wonderful care that I couldn't let this month go by without expressing how thankful I am that this hospital, and hospitals like it, exist.

I can't imagine going through all of Micah's "stuff" without knowing he was in the capable hands of doctors and nurses who specialize in caring for children. We didn't *always* have the best experience while he was inpatient (October 2008 sticks out in my mind). But the vast majority of our time there was excellent.

In fact, Micah had his last visit at the Feeding Clinic five weeks ago before we moved. I confess... I cried most of the way home. I have made that drive with Micah countless times. There are so many people there who KNOW him and all of his stuff. I will miss that feeling of security going there. I know Micah will have great doctors here in MN. But they aren't all with the same hospital group. And they haven't been with him since day one.

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Kim Rees said...

That has got to be hard. Boy, I know how I felt when Lily had to change Speech therapists several times. It can be very upsetting. I pray that God will lead you and guide you to the perfect doctor's and therapists that will work with Micah now that you are moved. God Bless You!