A Little Something Extra

Thursday, August 6, 2009


He did it! (And yes, I'm ordering an "I Did It" t-shirt from Jennifer at Three's a Charm... head to her blog to see that she's making these cute t-shirts to raise money for copies of the book, "Gifts 2" to give to new families with a little one with a little something extra).

Yes, Micah has transitioned almost completely to full-blown crawling (compared to his army crawling). He did about four "steps" on Monday and yesterday he went from the love seat to the fireplace and then pulled up to kneeling to get a toy off the hearth. Yay, Micah!!!

What's most impressive is that this accomplishment is occurring during a time that he is sick. Yes, this child has a super hard time fighting any sort of illness. He's on day 16 of diarrhea now. It's making for very difficult nights for both him and me.

No, I don't have video of the crawling yet. Mark has both the camcorder AND the camera in Minnesota so that he can bring home photos and videos of our new house. But I'll share video when I can.

Question for any readers out there with little ones with designer genes. Do any of you use NACD? What are your impressions (good/bad, whether you use them or not)?

Thanks for continuing to pray for our little guy.


Emily said...

WooHoo big boy! That is so awesome! Can't wait to see the video. He deserves the awesome shirt!

Heidi said...

Yay Micah!! That's just great! I will say a prayer for him - that he is feeling better soon.

sara p said...

Yay, Micah!!! what a big boy your getting to be:) i can't wait till the next time i see you guys. i also got max an "i did it" shirt. i can't wait to see a picute with Micah in it. hope everything is going well with the move.

Jessica-MomForHim said...

That's awesome!!! Way to go, dude!

Jonathan's Mom said...

Awesome! I knew he could do it...Jonathan is going to be so excited when I tell him. :) I hope you're encouraged by all he's learning to do!

Princess Abigail said...

Hey WELL DONE Micah! That is quite some achievement and your life is going to change so much now! Congratulations Big Boy!

Hey Micah, could you tell me what an NACD is? My Mama googled it and got the following proposals : National Association For Cave Diving ; National Association of Corporate Directors;
National Association of Chemical Distributors; National Association of Conservation Districts.

Look forward to hearing from ya!!


Jennie said...

Abigail - Tell your mama that it stands for National Association for Child Development. They don't have a center in Europe. They focus on the whole child, not on specific behaviors, and it's apparently very intense for parent-child therapy (daily for a couple of hours).

Angela said...

Hey Jennie! That is EXCELLENT news! I can't wait to meet your little doll baby in person. Hope your husband's first week in MN went well!

Ria said...

Awesome!! Way to go Micah!
And I have heard of NACD. Another mom I know was highly recommending it to me. We are considering trying it when Matthew is 2.