A Little Something Extra

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Where's that teleprompter when you need it?

I'll just post links to a couple of articles. Words fail me.
The letter from Sarah is great.
But I also like the article about Kolan McConiughey's abilities.

Okay, maybe words don't really fail me. I think what bothers me is that President Obama should be apologizing to everyone with disabilities, not just to the Special Olympics. He made it sound like if you're not good at something, then you must be disabled. It was truly the heart issue behind the comment that bothers me. What does that teach our kids about trying something at which they don't excel?


Andrea said...

I agree with you, Jennie. I was disappointed. We all make mistakes, but the question is, does this mistake reflect a greater heart issue?

Little Miss E said...

What gets me is we are ALL disabled by his definition. If someone can't do something well, they're disabled. We ALL have something we can't quite master. We ALL have an area we aren't as proficient at as others. Therefore, we're ALL disabled. Which is fine with me, at least it attains equality!