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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Glasses for Micah

We saw a "new" pediatric ophthalmologist today in Madison (and it took a long time to get there with the crummy roads... many thanks to my mother-in-law for driving us there). Micah's far-sightedness seems to be a bit worse than the last time he was seen. This doc thinks there's a possibility that by putting Micah in glasses to correct the vision issue, that might address his strabismus (cross-eye) and eliminate the need for surgery. We're all for that!

So... anyone out there reading this who has experience with a one-year-old in glasses, please share your thoughts on what kind works well. There seems to be an option that wraps all the way around. Not very attractive, but the idea is to keep the glasses on his face and survive being tossed on the ground a lot, I guess.

On a separate note, I spent 8 hours in Labor and Delivery on Monday. My OB sent me up there after less than 30 minutes on a monitor. Baby's heart rate dropped significantly during a contraction and she wanted to make sure it didn't continue to happen. It only happened once more, but I did have an increase in contractions. So I ended up getting a steroid shot for baby's lung development (and the second shot yesterday). I'm also taking procardia to hopefully reduce the contractions. I'm 33 weeks along, and we REALLY want to make it to Feb 3rd for my scheduled c-section. I'll be 36 weeks then. Yes, even that is early. That's due to the complications I had with Micah's birth (I had a major uterine window and almost ruptured, so the docs don't want me to go into labor). Anyway, please pray that this baby would continue to bake healthily for almost 3 more weeks. Thanks!


Jonathan said...

Hey Jennie,

We'll pray that Baby keeps percolating for a few more weeks! I'm glad they're monitoring you, though.

Jonathan had turned two when he got his glasses, so I know you're in a different situation than we were. The doc assured us that since the glasses would be helping him see, J. would keep them on faithfully. That's exactly what happened. When he wasn't wearing them well, I wondered if his prescription had changed, and it had!

If you don't get any commenters on the glasses, I have a good friend whose daughter got glasses as an infant. She's a good emailer and I'm happy to put you two in touch if you like.

Keep percolating!!! We'll keep praying!

RK said...

I was gonna comment with details, but I just got yours on our blog, so I'll send you an email instead of taking up tons of space. :o)

Jessica said...

Definitely praying for you and baby!

On the glasses note, I wanted to share a website I've heard good things about, zennioptical.com, where glasses start at $8. They have a good selection, even for children, and it even looked like they had some with bands. From other parents with kids in glasses, this seemed like a God-send because of going through glasses so fast.

I ordered my current glasses from 39dollarglasses.com and had no problems. I got my eye exam and had him write it down. They walk you through how to enter your prescription, and both Ted's and mine came as ordered, saving us significant money! (I only wish I'd known about zenni at the time, since they're cheaper and have a better selection!)

Even if you decide not to use them now, keep it in mind for later! Boys can be rough on glasses and this could save you some money! And if you do decide to try it, you'd be risking less than $20, right?

Anonymous said...

Check out www.specs4us.com. They specialize in frames for children with Down syndrome. Although, we tried glasses on our 1 year old son who has Down syndrome and he would never keep them on for more than 30 seconds. We wound up doing the strabismus surgery at 20 months. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Wyatt got glasses at 2 yr.He's good about keeping them on. Probably because he can see better. Glasses have improved his strabismus & vision problems. The first pr. we got through the local eye doc office in Chilton and the frames were covered by MA. They were beige plastic and kinda dorky. We had cables attached to avoid needing a strap. We've had some luck at Shopko but I am now getting him a better pair through Specs4us. Not covered by MA but I would recommend them because they are specifically designed for children with Ds. The frames Wyatt has now do not fit his small head & low set ears so we will spend the $ to get it right. Shopko now carries spec4us.It has been trial and error over the past two yrs trying to get frames that fit.
Hope this helps. Jayne
Is it Dr. Bradfield you saw...just curious?

Ann said...

We're also getting ready to try the frames from Specs4us. They'll be here soon. I let you know how they work on a 9-month old.

Jennie said...

Thanks, everyone!

Jayne - We saw Dr. Gamm and he is great. I forget... how old is Wyatt now?
RK - Thanks for the detailed email. Braska is so incredibly cute in her glasses. Hopefully Micah will come somewhat close to her good looks!
Jessica - Thanks for the tips on the glasses websites. I think we're going to have to go with something local, at least at first, due to needing frequent adjustments.
Ann - I'll be interested to see how Caleb does with his new specs. Please let me know!

Jennie said...

Amy - Thanks for your prayers. And I've always loved Jonathan's glasses (I remember how Nathan wanted to wear them when we were out there!).

Laurie said...

Sending prayers for you and your newest addition...

Also want to say HOORAY for Micah and how well he is growing! He looks happy and healthy :) Hope you work out the glasses thing...that's something that we haven't had to deal with yet, so I don't have any advice.

Anonymous said...

Jennie, Mark and family...prayers are definitely being sent your way. Danielle and family

Princess Abigail said...

Abigail started wearing glasses when she was about two, so I don't think I have any useful advice for you. We have attached a kind of elastic which latches on to each end of the glasses arms, that way she can't lose them, and if she does knock them, they just fall to her chest.

You may find that like Abigail, once Micah realises that glasses help him to see better, he will WANT to wear them. Abigail didn't start walking until the day she got her glasses, because she was able to better grasp the environement and space around her. She actually 'asks' us to put her glasses on when they fall off, because she is more comfortable in the world with them on. With time, I suspect Micah may feel the same.

We are praying for the bun to stay in the oven a few weeks more!!!