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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

ENT visit

No quick fix offered, but we're going to try Nasonex for a month and see what happens. The good news is that his right ear didn't appear to be infected anymore so at least that's taken care of (though we have to finish this round of antibiotics). He couldn't see into his left ear very well, but that wasn't the one infected last week anyway. This doc commented on how small his little nasal passages were and that his tonsils were inflamed. He didn't bother scoping to check his adenoids because it wouldn't change his course of action, which is to try the Nasonex. If this doesn't help his congestion after a month (A MONTH???), then we'll have to see an ENT in Milwaukee to discuss surgery options. If things are still bad in another week or two, though, he might also add another steroid treatment to help with the inflamation. Another consideration is sleep apnea so he wants me to watch him sleeping (LOL... maybe the week after next when I'm up feeding his baby brother in his room).

I just want Micah to feel better. He had multiple bouts of gagging and coughing today. But even with all of that, he had a great 25 minutes with his PT today. He actually sat for a few mintues without using his hands. Missy was encouraging him to reach for toys and he did it and didn't tip over. But after 25 minutes he complained very loudly. "Age appropriate behavior." It's actually a good thing for him to protest. :-)

The frames for his eyeglasses arrived in his size today at the optician so I was able to see what they looked like on his little face. So cute! The lenses will arrive in a week. I'll post pictures when I can. I'll be in the hospital when his new glasses arrive.


Jessica said...

We suspected sleep apnea for H when she was younger, so Ted set up his laptop to record her sleeping (audio) and wrote a program to graph the results. It was very helpful to see clearly that in fact her breathing WAS stopping every minute or two. We were able to print out a graph and take it to the ENT who thought it was SO COOL that he showed it around and put it in her chart. It didn't seem hard for him to do, so I'm sure he could talk to Mark about how to do it if you are interested...let me know!

Jonathan said...

Gosh, it never ceases to be complicated, does it? We'll keep praying. We can't wait to see Micah's glasses. We are awfully partial to glasses on little boys...


Anonymous said...

We use to call Wyatt the "Professor" when he first got his glasses. It will give Micah an entirely different appearance too I'll bet. Hopefully, getting Micah's health on track will make for a better eyewear transition. Best wishes. Jayne

paige said...

Can't wait to see the pics! i bet he'll be adorable.