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Monday, March 24, 2008

Funny boy

I do a horrible job at documenting things in Nathan's baby book so I just have to start adding some of his stuff to this blog. Tonight was so funny. Mark and I were getting him ready for bed and we put on his jammies (red fleece with a reindeer head on the chest). As I was zipping them up I realized they were small and I commented to Mark, "This will be the last time he wears these jammies." Nathan then tried to straighten his legs and realized he was uncomfortable. He whined and said, "No, I want frog jammies... Baby Nicah can wear this one." "Sorry, pal. Frog jammies are in the washer. Tonight you get basketball jammies." But you would have thought that was the end of the world.

He does say "Nicah" when talking about his brother. He has a problem with m's. And let's not forget to mention that "baby" is the only b word he can say. Everything else is altered. For example, book is "gook", ball is "doll", and bye-bye is "die die." With the sweetest voice you've ever heard, he tells people, "die die." Nice. But it's a Nathanism that I'm sure I'll miss someday.

If this is your first time back in a few days, you'll be surprised to see that this is my fourth post in five days. I'm on a roll! Here are some more photos:

The "milk buzz" (mohawk included)Nathan "helping" decorate cupcakes for "Soon-to-be-Aunt" Jen's birthday

Consuming the fruits of one's labors (after blowing out all of Jen's candles)Micah with Great Uncle Bill

Easter boysHappy Easter!Mommy and her boys
I hope you had a blessed Resurrection Sunday!


The Lenda's said...

I love the family picture. . I think the picture of Micah with the mohawk is adorable. Nathan sounds like he must be just as cute as he looks. What a little smartie to already realize that when things get to small he will pass them on to his baby brother "Nicah". Rose actually tries to wear her old clothes once they make it to Pearl's drawer she wants it back even though she wore it 2 years ago;)

Beth said...

Beautiful pictures!! Micah looks like he is doing well! I gave up on baby books and started blogging about things! Who has time for baby books?!?!?

ATLKrafts said...

So excited about all the posts-- been too busy to check ;(. I am also very relieved that you struggled with the baby book for Nathan-- not done a great job with Aidan's... We miss you, your boys are adorable (and you look great)!

Ami said...

I love the "Nathanisms," Jennie! Thanks for sharing. I should be writing down more of Michael's, too - part of why I started a blog. Anyway, I adored the pics, too. The 'milk buzz' is so cute!

Kristen said...

Jennie, So good to have found your blog and to be able to get caught up. I'm going to spend a lot more time here and read from the beginning. It seems there's much for which to be thankful. Sending lots of love and big hugs to each of you from the biggest to the smallest. ;-)