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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Self-advocate talk and random photos

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Our local Down syndrome parent group had a speaker tonight.  She's 30 years old and has Down syndrome.  She lives independently with a roommate (who also has Down syndrome), she does her own menu planning, cooking and shopping, she balances her own checkbook, she has two jobs, and she speaks very well.  What an awesome encouragement to all of us parents in the day-to-day grind of therapies, IEP's, etc.!  Lori's mom came with her, but mostly just to answer questions we had (and she ran powerpoint for Lori).

It was wonderful to be there with Micah.  Our last gathering was a pizza party and Micah got sick the next day.  This group pulled together and gave generously to us while Micah was sick.  We're so blessed!  This was Micah's highlight of the night:
(Have I mentioned he hasn't been sleeping well?)

Saying "farewell" to our faithful childcare providers!

More photos, just for kicks.

Doesn't everyone sit like this when watching a video?

We had a fun trip to Chuck E. Cheese on Saturday with the H family.  Our boys LOVE these girls!

(I could not figure out how to take this picture without Mark's head looking enormous)


skiingthroughlife said...

He is looking so good! Jennie we have been praying for him and so grateful his smile is back!

Monica Crumley said...

Micah is so stinkin' cute! I'm glad he got some zzzz's. Love the pic of him just hangin' out (literally). It's also nice to see adults w/ Ds who are thriving and doing well in life.

Andrew said...

fun to see the faces of those who were angels in the midst of your distress!!

Angela said...

Great pictures, Jennie! So glad there is a local group with great folks. That picture of Mark and the end made me laugh! I mean- just cause of the angle and everything ;) Funny!

Susie said...

Hey guys! Chuck E. Cheese looks like fun! I gave my little nieces in Colorado CEC gift-cards for Christmas. And the H's are a great family too; their oldest, L, was in my Wednesday night Awana small-group this past school year.