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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday Micah update

Thanks for checking in to see how our little guy is doing.  His weight this morning put him at about 22% higher than his normal weight.  That's great compared to the 40% higher that he showed on Sunday.  But Micah was positive on fluid most of the day today (meaning, he was given more fluid than he peed off... not what we want, so they're increasing his diuretic and not taking out the chest tube).  His color is "normal."  His skin is peeling and bleeding in some places, but I hear that's common when recovering from the extensive rash he experienced a few days ago.

They tried giving him some food through his g-tube yesterday and overnight.  Unfortunately, all that was given ended up coming out of his tube when they checked his residual this morning (nothing moved downstream).  So we wait another 24 hours and try again.  Getting Micah's bowels to function again is probably going to be the biggest issue related to his release home.  He seems to be doing well from a respiratory function.  He is taking more breaths on his own today but it does not appear that he will get off the vent until this weekend.

It's a tough balance to strike with paralytic drugs (super dose of muscle relaxant), sedation, and getting Micah to breath more independently.  But he's doing better today than yesterday.  Since arriving here, he has not had one day worse than the previous day, which is not what we were told to expect.  So that's very good news.

Specific prayers:
  • More independent breathing
  • Digestive tract to "wake up" and start working
  • Continue to expel fluid, through chest tube and urine
  • Here's a photo of Micah with his pals yesterday.
    Say hello to Barkers, Sock Monkey, Dandy Dog, and Lancelot.
Doesn't Barkers look concerned?  He's been with Micah the longest (we brought him with us from home before anything else because we thought Barkers would be lonely in Micah's crib all alone at home).

Here's a photo of Barkers taking care of Micah on Monday by holding up his ventilator tubing.
(Micah's head is hiding behind Barkers)


Kelli said...

Thanks for the update Jennie! Glad to hear there is progression! More hugs coming your way!! Please tell your sweet little boy that we are all thinking of him and hoping for a speedy recovery. Colin sends a high five his way!

Cathy said...

Oh sweet Micah...I love seeing these pictures of you looking better each day. I'm praying for you, little friend.

Much love from LILY
~and my mommy too.

Michelle Z said...

Jennie, thanks for the update on sweet little Micah - we love that boy! Here's to better & better days!

My name is Sarah said...

Oh Jennie this is Joyce. I have been sick myself so we are so behind on reading blogs, my goodness what a horrid experience you have had with precious Micah. I'm so happy his condition is turning for the better at this point. We will certainly pray for a speedy and full recovery. I love that you were able to include the halloween story and pictures, humor does help us all cope and how ironic is that:) Hugs to you all.

Lacey said...

Oh he looks so much better! That face looks almost normal now. Hurray!!

my family said...

you all continue to be in my prayers. Praise God for allof the progression he is making. He sure did look swollen from the "tummy" pictures on Monday.
sending happy thoughts to you

my family said...

you all continue to be in my prayers. Praise God for allof the progression he is making. He sure did look swollen from the "tummy" pictures on Monday.
sending happy thoughts to you

Monica Crumley said...

Oh that sweet boy. I hope he's smiling like his photo on the sidebar really soon! It must be hard watching him go through this, so my prayers are with you and your family as well. Thank goodness for Barkers doing his job. :-)

sara p said...

he looks so much better, still so sad to see him like that and i know he has a ways to go, but we are here praying for him and he WILL just continue to get better and better till he's home:)

Andrea @ Unfailingly Loved said...

Praying. Praying. Praying.You are loved sweet friends.

Penny said...

so glad to read this update! praise God for this good report...improvement daily! i continue to pray for micah's healing! he is so precious!
wyatt and penny send hugs!

Adrienne said...

Continuing to pray fore Micah. So glad to read he is getting better!!

Tina said...

Thanks for the update...so happy to see him looking better. We are praying for you sweet Micah, get better really soon!

Peggy Saylor said...

Wonderful news! Stuffed animals play a great role in patient recovery. Micah is such a trooper. Looking forward to logging on to your blog to find out Micah's out of the hospital as is your mom.
Still praying.

Jonathan said...

Hi Jennie,

Despite my late comment, we are still praying for Micah and the whole situation and will continue! We love you guys!


sarah said...

So happy to hear there is progress!! He does look so much better!! Our family is keeping Micah close in our hearts, and sending lots of prayers~

ATLKrafts said...

OK, the infectious disease person in me is hoping that Barkers is sterilized before holding up the vent tubing. I love the animal parade, makes it seem quite nice lying there in the ICU. Sending love and prayers... let me know what we can do.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear that Micah is sick, but glad that he keeps improving!! My prayers are with you, Micah and your family.
-Kris (Children's Hospital of Wisconsin Cardiology)

one_plustwins said...

Thank you so much for updating, Jennie. We are praying, PRAYING for Micah.

God bless you all.

paige said...

jennie - i haven't read your blog this week & finally thought to check in..
weeping with you & yet rejoicing that there is progress. Your family continues to inspire me. May God continue to hold you all in the palm of His hand.