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Monday, December 22, 2008

OR visit #6

Micah is having his "little boy" surgery today for undescended testicles. "Why 3 days before Christmas?" you might ask. Well, with the next baby coming on 2/2 or 2/3, I didn't want to take the trip to Milwaukee in late January (our other option). So here we are.
Let's make this the last OR visit for a while, okay buddy?

If you're looking for our Christmas update letter, let us know when you find it. We're hoping the Christmas elves will write it for us. Seriously, though, it's in process and we'll post it soon. Meanwhile, I'll try to do some updates on our lives for the last six weeks.

One major update is that Micah is sleeping much better these days (until the past 3 days that he's been sort of congested). Thank you to everyone who has been praying for our rest. Micah started sleeping better just in time for me to be less comfortable in my 3rd trimester state... but at least he is sleeping better and he's a much happier baby because of it (not that he was ever really a grumpy baby).

Please pray for Becky, Micah's occupational therapist. She is being deployed to Baghdad (though that could easily turn into Afghanistan, from what I hear). We will miss her dearly. Pray we would have wisdom about how to handle Micah's therapy needs going forward. We could wait for the county to hire a temporary OT, or we could go with private services.

I can't post pictures from the hospital, but I'll post some new ones soon.


Jonathan said...

Thanks for the post! We've missed your updates. We're so thankful Micah is sleeping better, and we'll keep praying.

Mindy said...

I hope Micah feels well soon, and has a great recovery! It's such good news that he is sleeping better.

ATLKrafts said...

glad to hear the update!