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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Mark's accident

Nathan: "Take that thing off of you."
Mark: "Why?"
Nathan: "Cuz I don't like it."

Maybe you're wondering about what Nathan is speaking. That would be Mark's sling that he's wearing due to a skiing accident the weekend before Christmas. Yes, I received a call from Mark at the Breckenridge Medical Center mere hours after he started skiing. I didn't believe him at first. It was lunchtime and I thought he was just taking a break. I'm pretty sure one of the last things I said before he left for vacation was, "Just don't get hurt. That's the last thing we need right now."

He dislocated his shoulder and fractured his humerus after running into a snowboarder (who is fine, by the way). He saw his orthopedic surgeon last week who wanted to see him again today. Today he was concerned about something about a tendon and ordered an MRI. Great. What are the chances he can get in for that tomorrow before the new calendar year? Not so great. His appt with the doc wasn't until 5:00, so he can't talk to the scheduler until tomorrow morning, the last day of the calendar year. Why does that matter? Because we've met our family out-of-pocket maximum for our insurance this calendar year. So anything else that we get hit with in 2008 is covered at 100%. So if Mark's MRI is on Friday, we'll pay a ton of money for it. What a great way to start a new year!

Please pray that he's able to get in for an MRI tomorrow. Highly unlikely, I know, but it would really help.


our family said...

Praying he gets in tomorrow. Hope he heals quickly.

Jonathan said...

We hope and pray that Mark gets in today!

My mom also fractured her humerus this year. I know it's a big deal!!!

Miss you all! We just got back home and have computer access for the first time in a week.

Amy and boys

paige said...

yuck! That's awful!
BUT, i loved your Christmas letter! So cute with the pics too :)