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Monday, September 29, 2008

Micah's GJ-tube

Micah got a new tube 3 weeks ago. Apparently that tube was not positioned correctly to start with, or it has somehow dislodged since then. This is likely the cause of his significant pain over the weekend. Funny... he had an abdominal x-ray on Sunday in the ER and the ER docs said the tube was in the right spot. But this morning in radiology, they looked at the same film and said it didn't look right. Of course, the specialty radiology dept looks at these things all day so they can tell pretty much right away by looking at a film. It's not a huge surprise that an ER doc wouldn't know if it was in the right spot or not. But they shouldn't have said it was good without knowing for sure. They actually considered sending us home last night!

Poor baby was so dehydrated they couldn't get an IV line into him. After tries by two phlebotomists, they had to call in the expert from anesthesiology. He finally got a line at 12:45am and got a large push of fluids which he's still getting on continuous drip. By 7:30am he still hadn't urinated (they needed to test it), so they put in a catheter and STILL couldn't get anything. All was better a few hours later, but he was incredibly dehydrated.

He didn't cry at all overnight. It was as if he was thinking, "Finally... no belly pain."

We're here for a couple more days, I think. Micah is getting some milk via his J-tube, as well as IV fluids. The rate of milk will go up consistently until he's at his recommended volume (which he'll hit around 11pm tomorrow night). If he tolerates that overnight tomorrow, then we go home and all is well. But the prevailing thought of his GI doc is that there are other issues going on in there. So we'll see if he hits a wall before hitting his full volume.

Mark is kindly swapping with me tonight and he'll sleep in Micah's room. We were again fortunate to get a room at the Ronald McDonald House (they called last night at about 7:30 saying someone had just checked out and we could get the room if we could get there in 15 minutes... Mark slept there last night). So tonight I get a night of sleep tonight away from baby noises and pump beeps. G'nite!


Michelle said...

Well that sounds like good news all around - I'm glad Micah is getting some rest & hope you're able to as well!

Jeanette said...

Good news all around. I will add you all to my prayers.

Anonymous said...

You are all still in our thoughts and prayers, even though you do not know us! We pray you will be home soon and that you get enough rest to make it thru, especially being pregnant again! God is in control, and is it not great that our little ones are in His hands?!

Kristy (friends with Jodi Bauer and the Carpenters - who you know from the NICU in Milwaukee!)

Connie said...

Hope you all get some good rest tonight.
Hang in there.
Many Blessings,

Anonymous said...

I'll definitely say some prayers for Micah...and the whole family. Take care of yourself too Jennie.

(Jim, Helena & Julia)

Melanie said...

So glad to hear he is feeling better. We are praying for you. We hope you are home soon and all is solved before you go home.

MommySecrets said...

I'm sorry to hear you're in the hospital again, but so glad to hear about you getting a spot at the RMD House. They have been the biggest blessing for you. Love you friend!

Rachel said...

Poor baby! I am so glad to hear that they found the problem and are getting him rehydrated again.

Love and Prayers,


Tracy said...

Oh, poor little bug a boo! Am praying and hoping for rehydration and a pain-free recovery for little Mr. Micah! I am glad that you and daddy are able to switch off and got a room at the Rondald Mcdonald house. I know too well how much little sleep you get while in the hospital.
Tracy V