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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Photo time

We went on vacation earlier this month with Mark’s parents and we had a great time. Both boys had a difficult time learning to sleep in a new location. But they both slept straight through the last night we were there. :-)

Nothing makes Nathan happier than playing in the sand

Daddy and MicahMark was able to go waterskiing a few times and did great!

Me 'n my baby

Hangin' with Pop

Nathan's first fish

Nathan had never seen so much ice cream in front of him

The fam

Sunset from the resort

Last weekend we had the privilege of attending an annual picnic of a local Down syndrome support group. We met a lot of new people and saw some other friends there. Nathan had a blast. There was a DJ who played fun songs for the kids.

Nathan hopping on one foot. This is unedited. Check out his calf muscle! Can you tell he jumps A LOT?!
First time doing the chicken dance
He had so much fun. Could it be because the group was comprised of primarily cute little girls?
Micah’s buddy, Logan, and his mommy, Michelle (Logan is going to be a big brother in about a month)
Group photo

Here are some other photos taken since vacation

Nathan, Gracie, and Nathan
Micah has graduated from home health. It’s a good thing… he’s getting healthy enough to not need his weight, BP, O2 sats, etc., checked every week. But we’ll miss our sweet nurse, Melissa.
Great Uncle Kim came to visit from Georgia
Check me out! I rolled over and pushed up like this all by myself! Oh, and make sure you check out my chunky monkey legs.
Nathan didn’t like Mommy taking so many photos of Micah, so he actually ASKED to have his picture taken (very unusual). Cheeseball!
Umm… maybe it’s time you yahoo’s actually buckle me into this swing


Andrea Marcks said...

Love the swing photo of Micah - not to mention the rest of them are great too!!!!

Mindy said...

Great pics! It looks like your family has enjoyed a lot of fun times lately. It's good to see. :)

Felicia said...

ROFLMAO!!! That is too stinkin cute!!!