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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Public debut

I snuck Micah into Bible study the week before his heart surgery. But other than that, he had never been in public until this past weekend.

My brother, Jim, got married on Saturday and it was quite a weekend of activities. Micah tolerated the noise and busyness like a champ... sleeping when completely over-stimulated.

This is what Micah thought of the wedding (he was a lot more social at the reception)
The whole family after the wedding
My beautiful (and single) mom
My dad and his twin brother (eery, isn't it?)
The bride and groom. Welcome to the family, Jen. I hope you enjoy your new name... I enjoyed it for 34 years! :-) More importantly, I hope you are enjoying Mexico!

(many thanks to Becca, Martha, and Karen for the photos... we didn't take ANY on our own camera)


Andrea Marcks said...

Wow - everyone looks so nice. Your family is beautiful! Micah looks so healthy and sweet!!! How are his belly issues? Take care and thanks for the gorgeous pictures!

Melanie said...

It has to feel SO great to be able to go out with Micah! I hope we will be able to see him at playgroup soon!!

Jonathan said...

Jennie, you look gorgeous. Congrats on getting out as a family and getting your brother married off. Two big family milestones!


ATLKrafts said...

You guys look great!

Anonymous said...

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