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Sunday, October 6, 2013

31 for 21... Napoleon


That is Micah's nickname.

The child can be super sweet and cute.

Or he can be Napoleon. Evil dictator. One of short stature who delights in telling others what to do.

It happens often on the playground. And most kids will play along for a while. He tells them where to stand and when to jump. And they do. Because he's awfully hard to resist. Until you want to resist. And then you get this super hoarse yell of "No"!!!!!

This was charming Micah telling the firefighter that no, he did not want to get down yet.

We were at some dear friends' house tonight. Their 8yr old finally cried uncle and asked us to take Micah away. When Micah finds something he wants to do, he wants to do it over. and over. and over again. The boys got sick of throwing stuffed animals. Micah, however, rarely tires of an activity where he can throw something and make you go get it.
Can you picture the scene? Cute for about 10 minutes, but very tiring after 30.

Bless him.

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