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Thursday, January 12, 2012

12/366 - Leah and family and an update on Micah's eyes

We had a very brief visit with Leah and family at the ophthalmologist today. It was great meeting Asher (the newest addition to their family who came home from Serbia recently) and Angela (who skipped the Step Up walk last fall so I didn't meet her there, but Leah was at the walk with Axel).

Eye summary: Micah will be getting surgery on both eyes to repair his strabismus (eye crossing). It's a fairly simple surgery that takes about an hour. This will not require an overnight, thank goodness. Micah has been hanging out on the border of whether or not this surgery would be necessary for three years now. But today's visit confirmed that it is time. When his eyes cross, they don't automatically straighten quickly anymore (they used to correct quickly). If I understood the ophthalmologist correctly, he will go in and basically detach the inside muscle from the eye, adjust the eye straight, then reattach the muscle (gives me the heebie jeebies).
I should get a call tomorrow letting me know when they were able to schedule his surgery (in conjunction with a dentist cleaning his teeth).

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