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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Nathan's first day of Kindergarten

Yes, we had a late start to the school year.  Nathan's school was undergoing construction this summer.  There was a state government shutdown here in MN and the school missed some building permits during the shutdown.  So... school started 2 weeks late.  He's going to a charter school that is taught in the classical tradition.  I think he'll really enjoy it!

Nathan has been very excited about Kindergarten.  After he left his locker to head toward his table he said, "Hey, everybody... I'm here!"  When I asked him about his day, he told me that he sat with a bunch of "gurrrrlsss" at lunch and not his friends ("You sit where you sit and you don't pitch a fit"... must have been a phrase from preschool, LOL).  He was bummed that he didn't have a ball to play with during recess and the kids playing hopscotch "really didn't know how to play."  He mentioned that a boy at his table was calling him mean names today ("I asked him to stop and he didn't. I was going to tell the teacher but everyone was talking.").  I'm erring on the side of low-maintenance mom and I'll let him work it out.

He looked so sharp in his uniform.  And so big.

I missed him a ton today.  It was crazy quiet around here (yes, I did still have two small boys at home, but the noise level associated with #3 is an exponential increase).  But he's going to LOVE school.  He loves to learn.  And I look forward to seeing how they deal with his math acumen.  He's doing second-grade math (the kid LOVES math... long subtraction and he's begun to teach himself simple multiplication, mostly thanks to the iPad, LOL).  There's a possibility of him moving up a grade just for math (how cool is that?), but his challenge is that he won't be able to read the worksheets because he doesn't read yet! (here's hoping that his teacher can boost his confidence in that arena)

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Kris said...

Wow, Nathan really looks grown up all the sudden. Much taller. I love that he's in a charter school that teaches classically. That's what we do in our homeschool :) Sounds like he'll do beautifully!