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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

One week in the cast update

One week down, five(?) to go.  Micah is a rock star (most of the time).  The first couple of days, we heard him say "all done" on many occasions (as in, "okay, this has been an interesting experiment, but you can give me my legs back now").  The first night at home, he slept fairly well.  But it's gone down hill since then.  He's not in pain.  But to his credit, if I tried to roll over during the night and felt like someone had put lead weights on my hips and legs, I'd get pretty ticked off too.  I might even scream out in sheer anger (Micah's modus operandi).  For a few nights, those screams occurred hourly.  Last night we had about five scream sessions.

I'm hoping that he gets more used to sleeping on his back as the days go on, or these are going to be some rough weeks.  We bought a toddler bed and set it up in the downstairs office so that he wouldn't wake up his brothers every time he tried to move.  The downside of that is that we cannot work to maintain any semblance of order in the first floor after he goes to sleep (small noises wake him up).  So, if you happen to drop by and visit, you might think you've entered a war zone.

Since Micah's gross motor skills have hit a major roadblock, we've decided to engage more fine motor activities.

Mark took the boys to the indoorr park on Saturday.  Micah kept asking to get out of the stroller.  So Mark obliged, and this is what happened.

Way to go, Micah.  You are one determined little dude!

I'm having a difficult time adding photos to this post, for some reason, so I'm going to put them in a separate post.


Ann @TheAssetEdge said...

I'm really proud of the way you are responding to this challenge. To choose to work on fine motor skills, to let him play on the playground anyway, to celebrate his mini milestones. You are great parents!!

I can't remember if you use noisemakers in the children's room, but it might be worth the $25-30 investment for the office. It might give you some evening sanity! You might also be able to hang a sheet over the office door (if it's glass) to block out some of the house light/action. If it won't hang over the top, you can thumbtack it.

Love you!

The Morris Family said...

Oh how I love all these videos. What a tough guy you have their. Just think how strong his upper body is going to be after pulling himself around like that! :) What a toughy! One week down, that is a huge milestone. You will be at the end of this in no time and his determination and drive will get him back in fighting shape in no time! Thinking of you!

paige said...

6 of my 7 children (the other is napping :) are crowded around me cheering for micah to get down the slide. *so cute*!!
i broke my kneecap a year ago & y'know what? It totally stunk at night to roll over etc... he sure has my sympathy.

Sunshine Eyes said...

I'm with Ann - you all seem to be responding with some extraordinary grace and patience. I LOVE seeing that little guy move to the slide. I WILL have fun, I WILL have fun, he seems to be thinking. Maybe you're close to the half-way point now? Hope you're all keeping your sanity!