A Little Something Extra

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Matthew update

ur "little" guy is thinning out, apparently.  He's no longer way up top the growth chart.  His doc thinks that's because he's a moving machine now.  I was off by one ounce.  Matthew weighed 24 pounds 15 ounces (I guessed 25 pounds) at his one-year checkup last week.  And I guessed his height exactly: 31 inches.

Edited to add... Matthew's first words last week were:
1. Baa = Ball
2. Buu = Book

Update on the prayer request for Kaitlin's pom squad... THEY WON!  First place in jazz and second place in pom at the UDA National competition in Orlando this past weekend.  Way to go, girls!

Edited to add:


Jonathan said...

Way to grow, Matthew! You had to store up all that energy for all your running around. :)

Ria said...

Good talking Matthew!! My Matthew also recently started saying 'baa' for "ball" consistently. I'm so pumped about it. I can imagine you are too with your little Matthew saying words.

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