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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Matthew's first steps

Sorry... no video. But Matthew did take his first unassisted steps yesterday. I figured I should blog about it because I have no idea where to find his baby book. Ha! As if I'd remember to write it in there anyway. And as long as I'm writing about a milestone, I should probably document that he has six teeth (3 on top, 3 on bottom), with two more about to pop through.

About the walking thing... honestly, I'm amazed that he's able to get all 24 pounds of himself moving in an intentional direction. His nickname of Brutus will definitely stick. Not only is he pulling Micah down (is it so wrong that I just want Micah to turn around and give him a firm push?), he's also picking on Nathan. He was pulling on Nathan's sweatshirt while Nathan was trying to watch a movie tonight. Nathan was awfully patient with him. He's such a great big brother.
Here are some other photos just for fun. Check out Micah's bottom teeth. He's been smiling with an underbite lately... so cute!


Andy and Katie said...
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Kelli said...

Yay for Matthew!

I loooove Micah's smile with the teeth showing. So cute!!

What a great big brother Nate is!

Kelli said...

Ooops...I wrote Nate instead of Nathan! Sorry about that!

Jonathan said...

Yay, great job, Matthew!

Emily said...

Way to go Matthew! You've got a good group of boys there!

Andy and Katie said...

Your boys' pictures just put a smile on my face today--they are all precious (as are YOU!).

Congrats to Matthew...I think... ;) Fun fun....and you know that the day WILL come when Micah will turn around and give him a good ole shove! That will be a huge blog milestone!!!

Merry Christmas, dear friends!!! See you at church on the 24th, perhaps?

Heidi said...

Great job Matthew - he sure is growing up fast!

I love the pictures!

paige said...

HAHA!! i love Micah showing off his bottom teeth. & with 3 boys in your house, you are gonna see more than your fair share of firm shoves, i'm willing to bet!
Re: the picture in the above post... those are the worst glasses *ever*... but totally hilarious on Nathan. hehe.