A Little Something Extra

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Did you see the photos of Matthew I posted last night? (check out the previous post below if you haven't). Do you think he looks like Nathan?

Here are some photos of Nathan at about the same age as Matthew is right now.Ah, those were the days... the days before I needed to highlight my hair. Speaking of which, can I charge my newly-required highlighting expense to the boys' college funds? I mean, they caused it, right? Or is it due to moving up North? Or a delayed reaction to no longer having a convertible (not that I had one, really... it was MARK'S baby before the babies).
And just for kicks... here are some pics of Matthew wearing the same outfit (which he outgrew 3 months ago).

(note drool on bottom lip)


Andy and Katie said...

Wow! It IS the eyes! Your kiddos have amazing features---the "girl mom" in me says they are simply BEAUTIFUL....in a manly handsome way! :)

our family said...

Wow I can't believe how much they look alike.

I think Violet looks a lot like Rose did at her age but they also have the big difference in size. Violet is actually wearing some clothes, at almost 3 months that Rose wore at 9 and 10 months.


sara p said...

the first time i met the two of them, i thought the same thing.. wow they look so much a like, it's the eyes your right, i couldn't pin point it before but its the eyes!, beautiful eyes:)