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Friday, October 18, 2013

31 for 21... Hail Mommy, not so full of grace

Okay, so Micah is adorable. And sweet. And making lots of progress in lots of areas.

But sometime over the summer, he decided to start throwing things. Not just balls. Everything.
(I think it started with a fine motor skill game of throwing pom poms into a tub, but I digress.)

Unfortunately, many people think it's cute (see Napoleon blog post).

So they encourage it.
Example: His buddy at church met us in the hallway, and Micah said, "T___! Time to throw blocks!"

(okay, they were cardboard and to the best of my knowledge, he hasn't hurt anyone)

So he knows better than to play this game with ME. But apparently he's been throwing some things at school too.

Enter Wednesday night at church. The boys go to Awana (Bible club) at a small local church and it's fantastic! We love the people there. And they love Micah.

There's a new kid in Awana this year who also happens to be in Micah's preschool class.

On Wednesday night, I was talking to some of the lovely teachers in the Awana Cubbies class. This little boy kept interrupting and saying, "Micah throws toys." At one point, I responded, "Thank you for telling me" and hoped he would just leave my adult conversation.

As I was leaving the room, he decided to again tell me that Micah throws toys.

Not so grace-filled response: "Yes, I know he throws toys. And what do YOU do that drives YOUR mommy crazy? Is it tattling, perhaps?"


Anonymous said...

HAHA!! Good one :D

Unknown said...

I can definitely relate to that tension! I struggle when other kids "tattle" and things like that. My daughter, Marie, used to go to Awana too and I have had a few run ins like what you have described with other kids. There was one girl in particular who wanted to tell me - over and over again - what kind of shoes would be appropriate for Marie. Oh. My. Goodness.

I've been enjoying your blog and am following along!