A Little Something Extra

Friday, April 24, 2009

More pics

What is he doing on my blanket?

Well, if he's here, I might as well play with him. It's kinda fun, actually.
Rolly polly (note foot in block box)
Goofy Nathan
This shirt TOTALLY fits this kid ("Big Cheese")

Visit from Granddad
Both were completely asleep

Faces of Matthew

Pics of Matthew from the past four weeks:

Yes, he is a little piggy. At his 2mo checkup, he was in the 82nd percentile for his weight. Pretty impressive given he was born 4 weeks early. Using his adjusted age (for prematurity) he was off the charts. He is 2 weeks away from his 3mo birthday and he's almost too long for his 6mo sleepers. He's a very laid back baby. God knew that we just couldn't handle a fussy baby right now. Matthew's dedication is at church on Sunday. I'll post more photos after that. It would be great if I could get photos posted of our vacation prior to that. We'll see how tomorrow goes...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

March photos - Micah

This is what Micah's feeding tube looked like before getting his new MIC-Key button. He had a button when he first got his G-tube in Feb 08. When he needed a GJ-tube, he could no longer have the low-profile button because he wasn't big enough yet. So he had this awful thing since last May. When he wasn't being fed he still had this ugly foley sticking out of him.

But now he's big enough for a GJ MIC-Key button:

First tooth at 14mos. (and yes, his glasses really are that dirty).

One of the "features" of Down syndrome is hypotonia so Micah is incredibly flexible. It gets better, but I don't have any others caught on film.

Lovin' the bath!

March photos - Matthew

Check out those cheeks! He's quite the little piggy.

Photo update - March with Nathan

Slacker that I am... I'm behind on lots of photos. Let's start with Nathan:

I took Nathan to the circus and he had a wonderful time eating popcorn and hot dogs. I think he also enjoyed the human canonball.

This just cracks me up. He made this hat in his playtime class for St. Patrick's Day.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

New Nathanisms

I will post serious stuff later (I promise). But meanwhile, please enjoy Nathan's latest phrases.

When entering the men's room at church yesterday:
"Hi! What's your name? Are you here to go potty?"

On the way home from church:
N: "I like Mommy. And Gracie. And big Nathan. And Kenny and Eric. And Melissa."
Me: "What about Daddy?"
N: "No, I don't like Daddy. But I do love Daddy."

Leaving the house for the store just now:
"Daddy, I love you. But I don't like you."

Have you ever felt that way about someone YOU love? That's a resounding "yes" here at our house!

And might I just add... "GO GREEN! GO WHITE! GO STATE!"